72″ x 115′ AutoMask Roll with Dispenser

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Item number: RB108

72″(1828.8mm)(1828.8mm) x 115′ AutoMask Roll with Dispenser

  • Pre-Taped, Pre-Folded, Hand-Held paint Masking System that Enables One Man to mask for Unlimited Lengths, Quickly and Accurately, on all Vehicles, Reducing Masking Time and Material Waste
  • Lint Free, Eliminates Risk of Masking Paper Fiber Contamination & Anti-Static
  • Ultimate Solvent Bleed-Thru Resistance – Even Paint Stripper Can’t Penetrate it!
  • Resists Heat Up to 230?F
  • Completely Waterproof and Recyclable
  • System Uses High Quality 3/4″(19.05mm) & 1/2″(12.7mm) Automotive Grade Masking Tape
  • Superior Flexibility, Resists Splitting, Easy to Remove & No Adhesive Transfer
  • Compactibility  – Wads Up into Small, Space Saving, Throw-Away Balls. Conserves Disposal Space Up to 70%