1/16″ Cut Off Wheel

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Item number: PB94890

1/16″(1.59mm) Cut Off Wheel

  • Diameter: 3″(76.2mm)
  • Thickness: 1/16″(1.59mm)
  • Center Diameter: 3/8″(9.53mm)
  • Abrasive Reinforced Wheels are Ideal for Automotive and Auto-Body Repair
  • Cut All Ferrous Materials with Ease
  • Cut Through Clamps, Hangers, Sheet Metal, Angle Iron, Tubing, Castings, Mufflers and Rusted Bolts
  • Leaves a Clean Edge
  • Easier and Safer to Control than a Torch, Faster and Less Effort than a Hacksaw
  • Rated at 25,000 RPM Maximum Speed
  • Pneumatic Cutting Tool Should Have Safety Guard