V2B Inflate Thru Valve Cap

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Item number: MT21534

V2B Inflate Thru Valve Cap

  • The Original Alligator
  • A Time, Money, and Labor Saving Alternative to Common Valve Caps
  • Designed for High Pressure Truck Tire Service
  • Reduce Pressure Check Time by 65%

Inflate, deflate or gauge directly thru the V2B saving time during
inflation and pressure checks. Automatic inflation systems lock right
onto the V2B. Seals like a high pressure cap, yet offers the convenience
of an inflate thru extension. The V2B performs like a check valve the
seal becomes tighter in the event of a core failure. Heat resistant
grommets provide additional protection for extended high temperature
running. Features tough all metal housing, precision fit brass
components and durable self sealing O-Ring.

Installation and Usage:


  • The V2B is an inflate thru sealing valve cap.
  • The V2B is used in place of a standard valve cap.
  • The V2B Saves Time – It does not have to be removed and replaced to check air pressure or to add air.
  • The V2B is more permanent than a cap. Caps are often left off
    after checking pressure; the V2B does not have to come off, so it will
    not be lost.


  • Inspect the valve stem to make sure it is not damaged and does not
    have a protruding valve core. Core pin must not be above top of valve
  • Install the V2B onto the valve, finger tight. Do not use pliers.
  • The V2B is a cap. It does not require an additional cap.


  • Gauge and inflate directly through the V2B. Do not remove it.
  • The V2B is grooved at the top to accommodate various lock-on chucks and automatic inflation devices.
  • Effective length 3/4.