DPI Fuel Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment

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Item number: DP2112

DPI Fuel Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment

Increases power

Provides total fuel system clean-up

Eliminates hesitation

Lowers exhaust emissions

For professional use only

DPI Fuel Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment is specifically designed to clean all internal gasoline system circuits by dissolving varnish, carbon
and gum deposits. This treatment contains effective detergents and powerful solvents to thoroughly clean fuel injectors to design specifications.
Injector Cleaner eliminates after-run by breaking up carbon hotspots in the cylinders, providing quicker starts and better performance. Injector
Cleaner also cleans fuel components and systems leading up to the injectors without harming oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Fuel
Injector Cleaner is a powerful & effective cleaner developed to maximize fuel system efficiency.

APPLICATIONS – When used as directed, will prevent fuel injector clogging by attacking harmful deposits that cause fuel injector failure and driveability problems due to improper atomization of the fuel.

CLEANS DIRTY INJECTORS – Increases the fuel flow through contaminated injectors which increases the atomization of fuel particles for better
combustion and performance. Injector Cleaner restores lost power.

DISPERSES MOISTURE – Improves the performance of your engine by dispersing moisture accumulation in the fuel which can cause loss of
power, rough idle and stalling. Injector Cleaner also aids in the prevention of rust, corrosion and icing in the fuel tank.

REMOVES CARBON DEPOSITS – Safely loosens carbon deposits that form in the injector tip, nozzles and plungers so that they can be burned
out of the system. Lubricates sensitive moving components in the fuel injectors for longer life.