Double Contact 12″ Lead with Regular Base

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Item number: CWPTL3

Double Contact 12″(304.8mm)(304.8mm) Lead with Regular Base

  • Double 12″(304.8mm)(304.8mm) Leads or #16 Stranded Wire AWG with Regular Base
  • Pigtail Leads with Phenolic Washers
  • Aligned Contact Bulbs
  • Used with Standard Contact Lamp Numbers 64, 68, 82, 88, 90, 94, 210, 1004, 1074, 1130, 1158 & 1176
  • PTL Leads Fit all Lamp Socket Assemblies, Such as: parking, Front and Rear Directional, Tail Stop, License, Instrument panel, Dome, Courtesy and Underhood on Most Cars, Trucks, trailers and Boats as Well as Other Electrical Applications (Not Used for Headlights)