Universal Weatherstrip Retainer Assortment

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Universal Weatherstrip Retainer Asst.

* 32 Sizes, 1155 Pieces, in a Large Plastic Tray
* Includes DI5602, CP998499, CP774691, DI5605, DIJL32, DI10664, DI5609, DI10660,
CP998868, AV21588, AV21295, CP825559, CP977719, DI10567, CP998033, DI9875,
AV19171, DI10663, CP825506, AV20831, CP866063, DI13327, DI10513, DI10578,
CP998826, CP937196, DI10661, AV18877, AV19116, CP927013, DI10767, DI10766.