Blade Fuse Assortment

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Item number: CH36461
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Blade Fuse Assortment. 18 Sizes, 74 Pieces, in Plastic Tray  FLADB203.

Includes All Styles of Blade Fuses: BSATM, BSATC, LFMAX.

Contains BSATM5, BSATM712, BSATM10, BSATM15, BSATM20, BSATM25, BSATM30; BSATC5, BSATC712, BSATC10, BSATC15, BSATC20, BSATC25, BSATC30; LFMAX020, LFMAX030, LFMAX040, LFMAX050. (No Refill.)