5/16″ Spotweld Drill Bit – Gold Finish

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Item number: CD66430

5/16″(7.94mm) Spotweld Drill Bit – Gold Finish

  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Spotweld Size: 5/16″(7.94mm)
  • Overall Length: 1.56″(39.62mm)
  • Super Cobalt High Speed Steel
  • Gold Finish – Heavy Duty Spur Point
  • Rugged High Performance Drill is Designed to Effectively Cut Auto Body panel Spot Welds
  • High Red Hardness of Cobalt Steel Permits Speeds 30% Greater than H.S.S Drills
  • Cobalt Steel is Substantially More Abrasion Resistant, Resulting in Very Long Wearing Cutting Edges
  • The Spur Point is Designed to Cut Through the Weld on One Panel While Leaving the Second Panel Free of Holes