Scotchlok (TM) Insulation Displacement Connectors

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Item number: 3M6142

Scotchlok (TM) Insulation Displacement Connectors, UL Listed (except 3M UR2, 3M UY2, and 3M 905 BOX) and CSA Certified. T-Tap. Fully Insulated Connectors Eliminate Wire Stripping.Connector Mates With 3M 0.250″(6.35mm) (6.35mm) Male Tabs, Making a Quick-Connect Wiring Connection. Insulation Displacement Connector, T-Tap, Wire Size 22 To 18 AWG, Color Red, Maximum Insulation Outside Diameter 0.150″(3.81mm) , Operating Temperature 221 Degrees Fahrenheit, Mates With 1/4″(6.35mm) Male Displacement Connector.