3M Hookit Backup Pad, 7″ x 3/4″ , 5/8″ – 11″

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Item number: 3M5717

3M Hookit Backup Pad, 7″(177.8mm) x 3/4″(19.05mm) , 5/8″(15.88mm) -11″(-279.4mm)

Backup Pad – This Uniquely Constructed Compounding/Polishing Pad System Provides Quick Change Advantages While Producing Exceptional Finishes on Gelcoat and Paint Systems. The 3M Hookit SBS System is Designed to Provide Easy Attachment, Removal and Accurate Centering of the 3M Hookit SBS Compounding or
Polishing Pad to the 3M Hookit SBS Backup Pad.